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2 L Camel Water Hydration Bladder for Hiking Cycling with Lockable Bite Valve Wide Mouth and Insulated hose

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Do you want a specialist, durable moisture pack that may be easily washed, and may not leech chemicals or toxins? If this is the case, the ADD-AQUA Hydrator may be the perfect water bladder for you!
Made of ultra strong non-toxic TPU material that is Food And Drug Administration (FDA) authorized, it holds a large 2 liters of water for long lasting hydration, and it is completely stress tolerant and anti-bacterial to avoid microbial build-up for easy cleaning and hygienic reuse!
Unlike other water bladders in the marketplace, our Add-Aqua Hydrator is designed with an extra long 108cm/42in leak resistant hose with insulated cover, and fast-drift bite-valve with protective mouthpiece dirt plug for protected drinking without dust, debris and mud particles, perfect for extreme outside sports! Simply click “Add to Cart” now!
Features :
HYDRATOR; fail to remember inexpensive moisture bladders that effortlessly drip, our Add-Aqua Hydrator is a professional, durable, premium hydration pack with huge 2.0 liter moisture pack bladder, insulated, drip resistant hose and simple clean, anti-bacterial TPU construction!
BPA FREE MATERIAL; constructed from BPA free, Food And Drug Administration authorized, pressure tolerant TPU product that may not leech harmful toxins, odors, or have an effect on the style of your drink, for protected reuse plus the perfect water bladder for recreations and endurance activities!
EASY REFILL; Ample 2.0 liter water reservoir with drip resistant, extra-wide screw top and anti-bacterial product for easy cleansing and refilling, for refreshing, long lasting hydration!
LEAK RESISTANT HOSE; 108cm/42in insulated hose with on/off mouthpiece change to avoid leaking and fast movement bite-valve, in conjunction with protective dust plug for protection from dust, debris and mud particles

Additionally wide, easy fill screw opening, ideal for water and ice
The Wide valve provides spacious access to the interior which enables us to clean it easily.
Strong, Food And Drug Administration (FDA) approved, BPA free, pressure tolerant TPU construction.
Capacity: 2.0 liter convenience of resilient moisture : Weight: 0.25 kg
Lockable Bite Valve and 108cm/42in detachable insulated hose with on/off activate mouthpiece to stop leaking

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