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Formula 1 615258 Black Gold Tire Shine (680 ml)

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Formula 1 Black Gold Tire Shine: Gives tires deep, wealthy shine that lasts. Just spray on and walk away – no wiping required. Manufactured by Northern Labs Inc., USA – World’s No.1 brand of top of the range care care products from pure and natural Grade 1 Carnauba Wax derived from the leaf of palm tree in Brazil. Formula 1: India’s oldest and largest selling car-care brand. A wealthy heritage since 25 years. Marketed in over 75 countries world wide.

Helpful Hints
  • Use a clean, soft cloth to apply to smaller areas, like vinyl trim, black rubber bumpers and molding.
  • Do not drive right away after applying a dressing for your tires. Unabsorbed product would possibly spin off the tires and onto car body panels.
  • Using detergent, wash any remaining product off cement or asphalt to steer clear of stains and slippery conditions.

Oil-free, water-proof formula would possibly not brown out tires
Outshines and outlasts tire foams and protectants
Shine lasts as much as 25 car washes
Finest silicone polymers give a deep, natural shine
Made in USA

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