Pioneer Ts-w3003d4 12″ 2,000-watt Champion Series pro Sub-woofer

$11,900.00 (as of May 26, 2018, 11:26 pm) $9,990.00

Loud and powerful

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Loud and powerful

The newly designed champion series professional subwoofers are built to provide loud and robust bass in a position to withstanding as much as 2,000 watts of extreme power with 600 watts of continuing musical power.

Installation flexibility

Designed with dual 4 ohm voice coils, for an 8 ohm or 2 ohm configuration, these subwoofers are in a position to fitting into a 0.85 cubic ft. to 1.75 cubic ft. Enclosure.

Design improvements

Improving on conventional designs, the ts-w3003d4 includes a dual spider design for improved linearity, a bigger pole with thicker wire for more accurate bass, a bigger magnet for louder bass, and a strengthened basket for more durability.
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